Lil Durk Gets Inked Up With Black Lives Matter Tattoo [VIDEO]

While some rappers released protest songs or join peaceful rallies following the tragic shooting deaths of both civilians and police, Lil Durk went a step further and had something done that would be a permanent reminder of the somber events this past week.

The Chicago native went and got a tattoo of the words “Black Lives Matter” inked on his forearm. On Saturday (July 9), Durk posted a Snapchat video showing off the impressive ink work on his Instagram account.

In the brief clip, you can see the tattoo, which features a smoldering black fist surrounded by the words “Black Lives Matter.” The caption reads, “What’s going on today crazy to me in the world – we matter 2x.”

Crazy indeed.

Reactions to Lil Durk’s tattoo were mixed with some saluting the rapper while others were trolling his IG page with the tired “All Lives Matter” spiel. One fan posted power fist emojis in honor of Durk’s tat, while another commenter wasn’t so thrilled with the artwork. “Looks like absolute s— and will only look worse,” the person wrote.

One follower wrote a brief comment to shut down all of the haters who are against BLM. “For all the mfs tht still Dnt get what “Black Lives Matters” mean just look it up dumbass smh it’s [not] a racist group or a movement to divide us,” he wrote.

What do you think of Lil Durk’s tattoo? Tell us in the comments below.

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