Real Reactions: Saint Louis Bar Patrons Analyze 2nd Debate

Moments after the second presidential debate concluded at Washington University on Sunday, I pedaled a few blocks away to Blueberry Hill to hear how regulars reacted to the political rhetoric.

Established in 1972 and located on the Delmar Loop, Blueberry Hill served as a second home to Chuck Berry, who has performed over 200 concerts in its basement venue. Saint Louis locals gather here not only to hear classic rock, but also compete at darts, table hockey and pinball.

On Sunday night, many patrons had strong reactions to the political debate happening just down the street. While the city of Saint Louis leans Democratic, the state of Missouri has tipped toward the Republican nominee Donald Trump, according to ABC News’ latest electoral ratings.

The state has gone blue only twice in the last four decades — both times for Bill Clinton, in 1992 and 1996. Mitt Romney won the state by 10 percentage points in 2012. During this election cycle, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has not invested significant time or political advertising in the state.

We asked voters about their favorite moments from the second debate and their views on the two candidates.